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Energy Surveys

The Institute of Energy Arts conducts energy surveys  that evaluate  the character, quality and impact of the earth radiations that exist at a particular site.  Based on the findings of the survey, treatments may be recommended to help vitalize and bring balance to geopathic stress zones and areas emanating detrimental energies in order to achieve a healthier living environment. 

        This is a 3 Stage process:




STAGE  3:  Treatment Recommendations


Based on the site survey findings, the history and health of the occupants, specific treatments and their locations are recommended. The client can move ahead with all or selected treatments, or stop the process.





STAGE  2:  Site Survey

Using the remote survey as a blueprint, a physical survey of the site is then conducted.  The property is walked and charted to verify the exact locations of primary impactful areas, further characterize their harmful and beneficial qualities in more detail.


Following the site survey there is a question and answer period where the client or occupants share the known history of the site, along with information relating to pertinent health issues and sensory experiences








STAGE  1:  Remote Survey

A plat, map, surveyor's drawing or aerial photo of the property is surveyed remotely for influential energies both beneficial and unhealthy. Distance is not a deterrent when it comes to assessing energy.  As long as the plat or aerial view is an accurate representation, we can ascertain a great deal about the energetic character of the site.  We have surveyed sites all over the country without stepping out of the office. 


The remote survey serves as a preliminary charting of the site that shows the locations of geopathic stress zones, impactful gridlines, underground influences, areas of remnant energies, as well as the local and incoming sources of beneficial energies.










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