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About the Institute


The Institute of Energy Arts was founded in 2005 to answer the growing need for an organization dedicated to surveying, evaluating and transforming the energies of properties, homes, clinics, gardens, commerical and public spaces



We are an association of experts in the fields of healing, geomancy, geology, electrobiology, ecology, housing and land development. Our mission is to help heal and vitalize the Earth radiations of the land and atmosphere in mutual collaboration with the life forms and living energies above and below.


We also work to educate and raise awareness about Earth energies. We feel that people need to become more conscious of these energies in our environment for our own well being and the well being of the planet.





















About Earth Energies


The Earth is constantly emitting subtle, subvisible energies of various characteristics and qualities. Many of these energies are beneficial and nurturing to human wellness.



If you've ever visited a sacred site, you may have felt the uplifting and life-supporting energies that exist there. The vibratory frequency feels heightened, more whole, and one's openess to the spirit of the place allows healing and a deeper connection with the Earth to occur.




















Areas of unhealthy Earth energies, known as geopthic stress zones, can be naturally occuring radiations from subterranean water veins, fissures, faults and mineral deposits, or of manmade origin, such as electromagnetic fields from power lines and transformers, as well as chemical pollution, mining and deforestation. 


Remnant emotional imprinting from trauma, old battlefields and descrated burial grounds may carry disturbed energies that can negatively affect the health and wellness of those living on or near those sites.

There are also subvisible radiations that may be disturbed and harmful to human health. Homebuilders and developers are familiar with a number of subvisible health hazards such as radon, carbon monoxide from back-drafting appliances, mold and mildew spores, and the off-gassing of new cabinetry and carpet padding.


Other subvisible, yet measurable energies emanating from the Earth can contribute to the decline in the health of people living or working in those places.

The scientific community regards Earth energies as 'subtle energies', but they are not that subtle. Some are quite dramatic while others can slowly drain the life force of a place and its inhabitants, contributing to many debilitating health problems including chronic illness, insomnia, migraines, fatigue, and cancer, by wearing down a person's immune system, and thus weakening the body's ability to fight off illnesses.


Fortunately it is possible to detect these energies and transform them to create spaces that nourish us, body and soul.



The Institute of Energy Arts works to determine the location of geopathic stress zones and unhealthy energy radiations, identifying their force and potential affect on the occupants living within their field of influence.


Once these zones and areas are identified, systems and remedies are applied to nullify their unhealthy aspects and revitalize the land and the living spaces.

















The Institute of Energy Arts LLC

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